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Raleigh Cemetery June 2011 Cleanup


On Thursday, June 16th, a number of young people from Memphis Urban Ministries' Day Camp spent the day cleaning up the Raleigh Cemetery.


Thank you M.U.M. and Rev. Dorn!

Raleigh Springs Mall

Please support the following businesses who contributed to the March 27-April 17, 2010, cleanup of Raleigh Cemetery.

A Cut Above Tree Care

David Way of "A Cut Above Treecare & Landscape", Phone (901) 590-9380,  provided invaluable service on March 27th. David worked all day, cutting down trees, and hauling away the logs and brush.

Home Depot

Our Raleigh Home Depot store # 737 has donated safety equipment, dust masks, gas cans, and other equipment


Our RCC Member Raleigh Kroger store @ 3860 Austin Peay Hwy, donated 5 cases of water for the volunteers cleaning up the cemetery.

Mikes Autoplex


Thanks for your donation and all you do for Raleigh!

McMillin Import

Justin Onsby, owner of McMillin Import Company donated $120.00 worth of Safety glasses, dust masks, gloves and other materials.  If you have a store, check out McMillin Import to stock your shelves.  Contact Justin  (901) 946-3351
justin@McMillininport.com  80 West Virgina Ave Memphis, TN 38106

Papa John's Pizza

Our Raleigh Papa John's store # 163 is donating 5 large Pizzas for our volunteer workers.

Open Arms Care


Sanitation Facilities provided by SafetyQuip

Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry

Wes Hopper, owner of URBAN FORESTRY is donating his company’s time and personnel in removing dead and diseased trees from the Raleigh Cemetery.  Mr. Hopper grew up in Raleigh and climbed  these trees some 30 years ago.  You can contact Wes at (901) 383 – 2266 or email  urbn4estry@aol.com

Raleigh Cemetery


A YouTube Video of the cemetery in its present condition is available HERE

A listing of graves at the Raleigh Cemetery compiled in 1969 HERE

In 1825, Memphis lost its place as the seat of Shelby County to its northeastern neighbor, Raleigh. The two towns would remain rivals until Memphis' growth boom of the 1840's and Raleigh's eventual incorporation into the city of Memphis during its post-World War II expansion. One historic part of Raleigh is a cemetery on Old Raleigh Lagrange and East Street which dates back to the nineteenth century. The Raleigh cemetery is a part of Memphis heritage which now needs maintenance to be preserved.

The cemetery is hidden but larger than it first appears. It is seven acres located on Old Raleigh Lagrange, just across from Walls Automotive. It is difficult to tell how big the cemetery is upon first entrance because so much of it is covered in weeds and underbrush. Only a small section of the entire cemetery is currently cleared and able to be walked through. It is situated in a beautiful wooded area, which unfortunately makes its maintenance more difficult than modern cemeteries which are cleared of trees

It has a rich history stretching from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth. It was originally part of the Raleigh Cumberland Church, which was the first Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the area. The earliest burial dates back to 1841. The people buried there range over all socioeconomic and cultural groups. Memphis' second mayor, Isaac Rawlings, is buried there. He did not want to be buried in the rough river town. Philantrhopist Wade Bolton's children are also buried there. There are also African Americans buried there, some of whom were probably former slaves. During the yellow fever epidemics of the 1870?s, as some Memphians fled the city, some made their way to Raleigh and were buried in the cemetery as well.


From Wendy Stogner web site raleighcemetery.com

- Provided by Memphis Heritage, Inc

View Raleigh in a larger map

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