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Thursday, June 7, 2016, 7:00 PM 

 Annual Ice Cream Feast. The meeting will be held downstairs.

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Good abode in Raleigh

Letters to the Editor

Jan 25, 2009 Memphis Commercial Appeal


Good abode in Raleigh

I was born in the Depression and grew up in Memphis when it was known as the nation’s cleanest and quietest city.

We bragged that we had more churches than gas stations. I drove an old Nash touring car to class at Memphis State. It was a classic, but it unfortunately stalled frequently. Without fail, some black gentleman would stop to offer help to me, a young, white female. I accepted the help with gratitude and trust.

Now Memphis is becoming known as a crime-ridden, racially divided city.

This is not the city I know.

We have lived in Raleigh for 47 years.

Our neighbors are Far Easterners, Hispanics, blacks and whites who live in peace and harmony. I seldom open a door at a large store here. As I approach, a black male from teenage to senior citizen, will walk ahead to open and hold the door for me and any other female approaching.

Last week a black woman invited me to precede her in the checkout line, since I had one item and her basket was full. I thanked her for her kindness and told her I was in no hurry. The young cashier looked dismayed and asked her why she did that.

I responded, “Because she is a gracious, generous lady, and we live in a caring neighborhood.” His response was, “Oh.” This is the Memphis I know and love.

The Raleigh Community Council, Forest Lakes Association and the local churches work hard to keep Raleigh a place of good abode. Surely it can be done in other neighborhoods.

Joan Averwater


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